In a Department Store

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In a Department Store

Finding our way around a department store isn't always easy. There are usually signs on each floor telling us what is sold on each floor. You may find that you are tested on such a sign in your reading exam.

In this exercise, look at the picture above the board and then click on the department you would expect the item to be in. The departments are labelled "2", "1", "RC" and "SS":

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If we visit a new place, we often like to buy presents for those back home. This may come up in your role-play in the Speaking exam. There are a few essential phrases that you will need to know. These are listed below to help you revise them:

How to say you'd like a present for a particular person:

Je voudrais un cadeau pour ma mère. I'd like a present for my mother.
Je voudrais un cadeau pour ma soeur. I'd like a present for my sister.
Je voudrais un cadeau pour mon père. I'd like a present for my father.
Je voudrais un cadeau pour mon frère. I'd like a present for my brother.

Other useful phrases:

C'est combien? How much does that cost?
C'est trop cher. That is too expensive.
Avez-vous quelque chose de moins chèr? Do you have anything cheaper?
Oui, je le(m)/la (f)/ les(pl) prends. Yes, I'll take it.

The following exercise will help you to focus on the all-important phrases you need to know to take part in your role-play.

To complete the dialogue, you need to read what the shop assistant is saying and then select the most suitable response from the list in the grey panels. Mark your answer each time and then try the next reponse:

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