Law and order

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Law and order

le CRS= riot police
un crime = a crime
un délit = an offence
le taux = rate
le vol = theft
le viol = rape
le meurtre = murder
un procès = a trial
l'emprisonnement = imprisonment
un témoin = a witness
la criminelle = criminal / murderer

la peine de mort = the death penalty
la criminelle = criminal / murderer
la police = the police
une infraction = an offence
la punition = punishment
une cour = a court
une amende = a fine
la délinquance = delinquancy
la chasse = hunt
la prison = prison

faire une virée = to go joyriding
exercer un effet de dissuasion = to act as a deterrent
tirer sur = to shoot at
commettre = to commit
détourner = to hijack
écrouer = to lock up
faire sauter = to blow up
exécuter = to execute

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